When you redeem your Etherean Socks, you get an awesome limited edition pair of socks and we also mint an NFT for you. This NFT is called Etherean Socks NFT.

So what can you do with this NFT? And what are the other NFTs in our collection?

In this post, we’re sharing everything you need to know.

The Etherean Socks NFT

Max supply is 500, minted when someone redeems the physical socks.

Check them out under the ETH2SOCKS collection here.

This NFT (and only this one!) can be staked generating ETH2TICKETS tokens that can be used to redeem additional drops throughout the course of the project. These super-rare NFTs will be part of the prize pool.

Note: NFT staking isn’t live yet. Follow us to be among the first ones to know!

What are these NFTs?

Another part of the NFT collection can be obtained through staking your Etherean Socks NFT.

In this collection, there are two categories:

  • NFTs that feature the full design with three rarity tiers (Full design NFTs)
  • NFTs that feature different elements of the socks’ design (Feature NFTs)

Full design NFTs

  • Platinum (max supply 2)
  • Gold (max supply 5)
  • Silver (max supply 25)

Feature NFTs

14 different NFTs are part of this category, the max supply is 5 each. One from each NFT is hidden in the first 100 boxes, the remaining 4 in each category can be obtained through the Etherean NFT staking.

From left to the right:

ETH 2.0 ART — Proof of Stake: Switching to proof of stake (ETH 2.0) is a historical milestone for Ethereum.

ETH 2.0 ART — Maximalists: The fight between the Ethereum and Bitcoin community. Flippening is coming!

ETH 2.0 ART — The Fork: Remember when Ethereum forked and Ethereum Classic was born? We remember.

ETH 2.0 ART — The DAO hack: The DAO was a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that was launched in 2016. It was hacked due to vulnerabilities in its code base.

ETH 2.0 ART — Maker: MakerDAO is one of the first examples of decentralized finance to receive significant adoption.

ETH 2.0 ART — Ethereum: Ethereum, the one and only. The global settlement layer of the future.

ETH 2.0 ART — Metamask: MetaMask is a wallet used to interact with the Ethereum blockchain, introducing millions to the crypto world and smart contracts.

ETH 2.0 ART — Etherscan: Etherscan is known as Ethereum’s block explorer. Where else would you check your transactions?

ETH 2.0 ART — Uniswap: Uniswap is a decentralized finance protocol that is used to exchange cryptocurrencies and tokens.

ETH 2.0 ART — Crypto Kitties: Crypto Kitties is a blockchain game that became so successful it congested the Ethereum network in 2017.

ETH 2.0 ART — Crypto Punk: This Crypto Punk was sold for 4200 Ether and this is enabled by Ethereum.

ETH 2.0 ART — Proof of Work: ETH 2 will leave proof of work (the old consensus mechanism) behind.

ETH 2.0 ART — EIP-1559: Burn baby, burn. Part of the transaction fees on Ethereum will be burned after the EIP-1559 proposal is implemented.

ETH 2.0 ART — Vitalik Choo Choo: The visionary Vitalik Buterin driving the Ethereum train.

Check them out under the ETH2ART collection here.

Rare, Limited Edition DeFi Socks 2020 Only 500 DeFi socks are available in the one and only production run.